Balance and development in deliverance ministry

Goal of the training

In the training ‘Balance and development in deliverance ministry’ you will learn how to shape your counseling  effectively. You learn to guide the person who needs help into a process of spiritual freedom and inner restoration.

You will learn what kind of techniques you can use in different situations. You will learn to gain the trust of the care receiver and to guide him or her to make biblical choices.

You learn to ask the right questions to know things that aren’t spoken of but are equally important.
You will learn to recognize resistance and  how to eliminate it.

Another important component in the training is the view on your own functioning in counseling: your strengths, your pitfalls, automatisms and walls. You will learn to handle this in a effective way.

Target group

The training is suitable for people who work (or will work) within the deliverance ministry and/or within counseling in a Christian setting. Also people who have the desire to talk to people about Gods restorative love can take advantage in this training.  This course is only available in Dutch. 

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