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Who we are


 In Kortrijk we started a YWAM ministry in 2004

 growing slow but steady, we built a network 

 having the local Churches involved in our activities

 with kids, teenagers and grown-ups


 but we surely can use some help 

 we long to see more of the good news being brought in our city and  


 and Churches will be encouraged by your presence



Where we are right now


 we are well connected with the Churches,  familiar with the city and region,

 aware of the happenings and opportunities over here,

 knowing where poor people live, students and foreigners, ..



Since a few years, we run a YWAM house, a place for ministry 

and hosting teams

 we have prayertimes, activities, teaching, counseling, ..

 bringing occasionaly the gospel to people

 we are connected in mercy ministry activities



Where you will stay


In the YWAM house we can host 10 to 12 people easily

and maybe some more, depending on the period of the outreach

we have beds (with sheets and blankets), a kitchen and living

there is a small courtyard (where barbecue is possible :)

and right next door there is a large park with gras and trees,

a place where you can do sports

shops/grosseries are close by and the centre of the city is a 20 minute walk



If you considder to come on outrerach to Kortrijk, we can help to make a great program


with prayer and intercession, treasurehunting, skits on the street, ...

activities with the youth in the Churches

or a Christian organisation working with social neglected children

reaching out to people at the edge of sociaty 



if you receive a word or have a desire on your heart, let us know, we help to make it work


we hope you will considder and pray about this invitation





+32 56 218439




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