YWAM International

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) has over a thousand volunteers and more than hundred ministries around the world. Our passion is to know God better and to make Him known. 

We are multicultural. We come from more than 150 countries around the world.  In most of our locations we work with people from very different nations. We are a non- denominational movement. 

In addition to our fulltime employees we offer short missionary trips in many of our YWAM locations. The teams are made of individuals, groups, young people, families and churches. The short mission trips give them the possibility to gain experience in making God known by words and deeds. Every year we send more than 25 000 short term missionaries out in the mission field. 

YWAM’s many ministries fit into three main categories:


A few creative methods we use to evangelise include drama, music, podium art, sports. YWAM take the challenge to bring the gospel in an effective way so that any audience (whether teenagers, elderly, refugees, unreached people groups) can understand it. YWAM is also involved with  church planting in places where there may be no church at all.

Mercy Ministry

With Mercy Ministry we bring the gospel in a practical way. YWAM helps to fulfill some of the practical and physical needs of around 400.000 people a year.  Caring for street kids in South America, aiding the recovery of drug addicted people in North America and Western Europe, giving food and shelter to refugees and needy women in Africa and Asia, and Mercy ships who bring the gospel in a practical way, and with words. These are a few ways that we bring the gospel in a practical way. 

Training and Discipleship

Through our training programs we aim to better equip Christians to grow in their relationship with God and to serve others in everything from agriculture and health care, to reintegration after addiction and counseling. At the YWAM University of the nations (U of N) missionaries can follow specialized study in such areas as science and technology, linguistics, the humanities and Christian ministry. 

Most of our training programs in YWAM are a combination of lectures in the classroom with discipleship through relationship and practical service.

The core program in the U of N is the Discipleship Training School (DTS) which is required for all other U of N courses and in order to work as a YWAM staff. Every year there are around 10.000 students who follow a course at the U of N on one of the 250 different locations. 

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