Wim Biesbrouck


my name is Wim. I am married to Tanja and we have 4 daughters. 

We first came in contact with YWAM in the year of 1999. In 2002 we did our DTS in Heidebeek, the Netherlands. Since our DTS we have been active with YWAM. Our focus is on the young Flemish people and their families.

Our heart is to disciple in very different ways. Our dream is to establish a base in Kortrijk. 

Contact: wim@ywamkortrijk.be




Tanja Biesbrouck


My name is Tanja. I have been married for 33 years with the man I can establish our dreams with. My dream is to challenge our children to look beyond their own abilities and capabilities and to see the precious qualities they have flourish.

It’s a privilege to show who God is through our marriage and the very different aspect of our lives. 


Contact: tanja@ywamkortrijk.be

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